Citizenship classes focus on U.S. government and history in preparation for the U.S. Citizenship test, review the process for obtaining U.S. Citizienship, and provide financial assistance with citizenship application fees. You must be proficient in English (able to speak, read, write and understand) to register for Citizenship Classes. Approval from class instructor is required to register.


  • Class Schedule: Please contact House of Amos for current schedule.
  • Please complete a registration form (available from the House of Amos).
  • Register in person and only for yourself. Registration is first come, first served.
  • A photo ID is required at registration.
  • You must meet with the Citizenship class instructor to determine your English language proficiency level.
  • Students with good attendance who have taken the progress test are given priority in registration and may pre-register for the next session before open registration. Pre-registration is only available to students currently enrolled in classes.

The House of Amos welcomes visitors to our adult literacy program. For further information about the House of Amos' Citizenship program, please contact the House of Amos Literacy Director Mary Kutka at 281 495-9061